Women in Wine: From Muse to Master

Back in June, I got to spend some time with Sommelier, Meghan Vergara, of Veritas Consultants, and Ramona Ranch Vineyard owner, Teri Kerns, at her winery. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with a great group of women while both Meghan and Teri led us in a discussion of women in wine.


Throughout history, women have played an important role in wine. From the time of the Romans when women were the inspiration and muse to the wines of men, to today where more and more women are moving into the role of wine maker, vineyard owner, or Sommelier, and becoming a wine master themselves.


(Sommelier, Meghan Vergara and me in Ramona Ranch Vineyards barrel room)

A great example of that would be Barb-Nicole Clicquot. In the early 19th century when her husband passed away, she took the reins of his Champagne house. She completely innovated and modernized many Champagne producing techniques, creating one of the strongest and longest lasting Champagne empires still known today.


(Madama Barb-Nicole Clicquot)

Moving on in history, after prohibition and WWII ended, the wine industry was ready to make a big comeback which allowed female pioneer winemakers to step up to the plate. Women like Hannah Weinberger (the first female wine maker in Napa Valley), Mary Ann Graf (the first woman to earn an Enology degree from UC Davis in 1965), and Madeline Triffon (the first American female Master Sommelier).

These women helped pave the way for women in wine today. While men still dominate the wine industry, women are slowly gaining traction, more and more, each and every year. From Heidi Barrett, one of the most famous and beloved winemakers in Napa Valley, to master of wine, Lindsey Pomeroy, one of only 24 masters of wine in the United States.


(Budding grapes on a vine in the Ramona Ranch vineyard)

It’s an incredible time to be a woman in wine. Thank you to Meghan and Teri for leading us in such a great discussion that gorgeous day in June and thank you to Teri for hosting us at her beautiful winery in Ramona, California. She is one of few woman vineyard owners. She runs the Ramona Ranch Vineyard with her husband, Micole Moore. Their vineyard is the only certified sustainable winery in San Diego County and their wines have won many awards. Definitely a vineyard worth checking out if you find yourself in San Diego and want a great glass of wine with a gorgeous view, great company, and a relaxing atmosphere.


(The team at Ramona Ranch Vineyard and Winery. Look at all those women in wine. Photo by Ramona Ranch Vineyard)

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