Cacio e Pepe Soufflé

Cacio e pepe, which literally translates to cheese and pepper, is a very popular pasta dish in Rome, Italy. It’s a simple dish that consists of pasta, black pepper, and Pecorino Romano cheese. Now when I say simple, I mean it contains few ingredients because it’s simplicity can be deceiving. Though, if you get the sauce right, it can be pretty amazing.


Last night I decided to make a twist on cacio e pepe and I made chef Laurent Tourondel’s cacio e pepe souffle for dinner. Just like the pasta dish, there are just a few ingredients to this souffle, but it’s richness betrays that. One might think it took you more time to make it than it does.


This souffle can be made in either a three cup souffle dish or into separate ramekins. My husband said that it reminded him slightly of a crustless quiche, only more fluffy and soft.  This impressive dish goes well with a side salad and a nice glass of Chianti Classico. Try making it at your next dinner party. I assure you, your guests will be pleased.



Serves: 2




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