Red Wine Hot Chocolate

I have another amazing hot chocolate recipe to share with you all, because we all know how much I love hot chocolate. This time this one has a bit of red wine in it since red wine and chocolate go hand in hand so well. I’ve had this a few times and I always enjoy it.


This recipe calls for brown sugar. I like to use dark brown sugar because it has a richer flavor. It’s simple to put together and it’s perfect for the current season or if you have some red wine you haven’t finished and are trying to find some delicious ways of finishing it off.


I decided to put my red wine hot chocolate into my Australia mug in honor of the Aussie I got this recipe from. Diana Mieczan from Express-O. I thank her for such a great drink that mixes two of my favorite things. Hats off to you Diana!



Serves: 1


3 tsp unsweetened dark cocoa powder

5 tsp dark brown sugar

1/3 cup red wine

1 cup milk

Cinnamon for dusting drink (optional)


Warm wine gently over low heat. Meanwhile in a bowl combine cocoa powder with sugar, add 2 or 3 tbsp. of milk and stir well to combine. When it’s nicely combined add the rest of the milk, stir well and add to the wine. Bring to a gentle simmer while whisking from time to time. Once hot chocolate is warmed through, pour into your serving cups. Dust lightly with cinnamon on top or put a cinnamon stick in you drink and serve.


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