Pomegranate Molasses

After a whole week of being absent, I’m back. Last week I was just so busy with school responsibilities and Halloween that I actually struggled to find time to write. Anyway, I have a new recipe to share with you all. Pomegranate molasses. It’s such a simple seasonal thing to make and it goes well with anything from poultry and salad dressing, to beef and ice cream or dessert.


Pomegranate Molasses is a sweet and tangy condiment that’s made from boiling down pomegranate juice. Some people add sugar and a bit of lemon juice to the mixture to add some sweetness and a little tartness, though technically you don’t have to make it with either. You can just use pomegranate juice.


I decided to make my own juice with the pomegranates I received from my friend Melissa, though you can always use store bought juice. She has a big tree that was full of fruit so I got to go home with a bag full of them. I have included that process as well just in case you want to try making your own. Pomegranate molasses will keep in your refrigerator for up to six months.



Makes: 4 cups


5 to 6 large pomegranates



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