Red Wine Chocolate Cake

This weekend I made a dessert that I’ve made a few times before. I decided to make a red wine chocolate cake. This recipe is originally from Anne Willan’s 2001 cookbook, “Cooking With Wine.” It’s a soft and fluffy cake that contains just enough red wine to give it that slightly boozy flavor. Someone even told me that they thought it tasted kind of like a brownie, but with a light boozy, fluffy, cake like texture. I guess I can see that.


Once baked, this cake is simple to put together. It just requires a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar. The deep chocolate taste and moistness of the cake is more than enough so it doesn’t really need anything much more. It’s a nice dessert to have after a heavy meal or on it’s own. Maybe even served on the side of a charcuterie board for something sweet. It’s also a great cake to make if you have some left over red wine. (I know, what’s that?)


This is an easy cake to put together without any complicated ingredients. It’s sure to initiate compliments from those who have it. You might even be asked for the recipe from time to time. I know I’ve been asked a few times. It’s just a great overall cake.



Serves: Makes 1 bundt cake






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